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Billy Edwin's History Lesson

Two grandfathers:

William, hailed from the only Jewish family in pre-war Fargo, North Dakota.  The youngest of 6 children and the only one born in the US, he was a Golden Gloves champion boxer before moving to the south side of Chicago in the 40s to raise his family.  His eldest brother, Barnet was an illegal immigrant who snuck over the Canadian border after being rejected from entry at Ellis Island due to an eye disease.  Barnet proudly served in the US military.  He suffered permanent wounds from exposure to nerve gas while fighting in WWI.

Edwin was a working class salesman from Brooklyn who tried hard but never caught too much stability except with his connection with his grandchildren.  He battled bad luck and addiction on his road west.  His two sons were Flatbush Avenue kids at PS 152.  These people represent the most authentic aspect of the American experience; the celebration of journey over destination.  In the 1960s, they picked up and made their way west to Southern California.

History matters.  Thanks for connecting.  Peace.

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