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About the Music

Billy Edwin was raised close to Sunset Blvd Hollyweirdos and leaned more into the punk rock scenes of greater SoCal into the late 90s and early 00s playing in a variety of bands including Ten Foot Pole, Subtitle, THO, and smittin.  Writing all the songs and playing much of the instrumentation, you'll hear him singing the lead vocals, pickin' a variety of guitars, and occasionally banging drums and percussion.


A slower life in the San Fernando Valley has morphed the leftover adolescent angst into a contemporary musical mutt of punk-rock n’ roll, and country-ish hippie stuff.  It’s traditional American music, nothing fancy.  Everything is written and performed on vintage, analog instruments that require at least a moderately  skilled musician to play. It's been described as honest music with solid melodies and blunt, not-so-traditional lyrics.


Collaborators; because everything is better when you work with great people.  

Stanton Hill - Photography/Art Direction

Rich McCulley - Engineer/Mixer/Guitar/Mandolin...Great Collaborator

Kevin Hinton - Tattoos/Art

Amy Wood - Drums/General Awesomeness

Phil Parlapiano - Piano/Organ

Jim Doyle - Drums

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